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INK choreographer and Elite Dancer Faye McDool on #THISISINK

What does INK mean to you?
To me, INK means family. No matter who you are or where your from, the group of dancers are supportive and accepting. From the moment I joined INK, I was welcomed with the warm sense of belonging and to find that in a major city such as Sheffield, is a rarity.
How has Ink influenced your life?
To find a collective of people who share your passion and interests is difficult to find. Since finding INK, I find each day I am with the collective, I am motivated and inspired by each individual in the team! They inspire me to push my abilities and they remind me why I love dance.
Why do you love being involved in INK?
I love being involved with INK because it breaks the stereotypes of a typical dance group! The INK dancers motivate and build each other's spirits by speaking positively within an energetic environment.
INK in three words?
Strong Bonded Team.
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