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INK Elite dancer Jade Bucknall on #THISISINK

What does INK mean to you?

INK has been an important part of my life for the past two and a half years. Being part of INK is about progressing and training as both a dancer and as part of a collective group. INK makes me feel welcome and valued as part of the team and has helped me to develop and progress as a dancer.

INK has influenced my life in many ways, firstly by inspiring me to train more and to train harder in commercial and urban dance styles. The ''Make your Mark" programme launched in 2015 allowed me to experience six weeks of training in different dance styles and the Monthly Masterclasses that ran in 2016 gave me the opportunity to learn from other dancers and choreographers working in the industry. This helped me massively before I went into full time professional dance training.

Why do you love being involved in INK?

I love being involved with INK because of the positive attitude to dance training that is reflected in every class. Training classes give me something to look forward to at the weekend, as it's a chance to sweat, and improve my strength and fitness which has helped me in my dance training both with and outside of INK. The friendships and bonds I have formed since joining INK are amazing and I enjoy sharing the dance studio with such talented and inspiring people

INK in three words?

Inspiring, positive, challenging!

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