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Jade march #thisisink

Elite and Protege Dancer Jade March on #THISISINK

What does Ink mean to you?

INK means so much to me. From meeting my best friends, to bringing friends to Ink to meeting so many lovely people it is everything. Ink is so much more than an hour’s dance class its life three times a week and all the Whatsapp messages in between.

I’m 27 – nearly 28 – yes, I look 16 and as many of the Ink girls say they but I’m dancing well in to my late 20s haha. I’ll be in Ink for a very long time haha. I’ve been dancing for 24 years and it means the world to me. You should never stop doing something you love. If old men can play football we can get in a studio and dance to Drake ha!

Our choreographers are incredible and put so much work in behind the scenes and they’re just amazing to work with. They always bring something every week and give us constructive feedback to make sure we’re always getting better.

Suzy has given me so much – from being one of my best friends to being such an inspirational person who always does everything she can to be a role model and to help everyone. I am so grateful for her creating Ink.

From auditioning back in 2012 I never thought we’d be going in to 2018 still as such as such a strong group.

How has Ink influenced your life?

Ink means that I can switch off from life, bills and pressure and be me. I feel the happiest when I get my trainers on and go to the studio. It’s the only way my stress pains disappear and I forget about everything else going on outside of the studio walls.

Why do you love being involved in Ink?

Ink is special and we have such a special bond – we are welcoming, hard working and committed. What I love is that every single Ink dancer brings something different and it just makes the best combination to be around.

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