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Elite dancer Kate Wilde on #THISISINK

What does Ink mean to you?

As a newbie Ink makes me feel proud, proud to be growing as a dancer and proud to be welcomed into a loving family. It's not very often you enter a competitive environment and there is only positive vibes. Ink captures what dancing is all about and brings back that light inside of you when you hear the 5,6,7,8.

How has Ink influenced your life?

Ink has given me a chance to feel like I can have dancing as a dream again and has given me that push. I'm influenced by the choreographers every session and by the passion in their choreography but also I'm influenced by the rest of the dancers and how we are all growing together. I can feel my confidence in myself coming back more and more every class I attend. Why do you love being involved in Ink? What is not to love is really the question because I can't think of anything. I love every part of my Ink journey so far and can't wait to see what the future hold for the Ink family.

And.. describe Ink in three words; Inspirational, passionate, family

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