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INK founder, choreographer and dancer Suzy Dyson on #THISISINK

What does INK mean to you?

INK has really been everything I wanted when I said I wanted to give back to Sheffield in terms of dance. When I think of what I’ve started here with INK, I’m so happy and grateful for the journey we’ve been on so far, and what it’s become! INK stands out in the city for being fresh, current and provides dancers with training that is relevant. I’m just very grateful that it’s becoming more and more successful, and that together, we’re able to give lots of people an amazing experience through dance. INK means a lot to me of course, it’s my baby!


How has Ink influenced your life?

INK has given me a dance family for sure. That’s a pretty cliche term, but honestly, there’s so much love within INK and so much support. I’ve met my best friends through INK and they’re my rocks! INK gives me happiness and purpose and is a constant reminder of why I dance and teach. Giving back is the best thing for me and through giving I’ve received so much joy through INK.


Why do you love being involved in INK?

Seeing people grow and transform into more confident dancers and people is just the best. I love seeing people enjoy themselves and develop on their own personal journeys. I’m like a 24/7 cheerleader for our dancers!

INK in three words?

Family, “a game-changer”, and special

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