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Our Story

INK Dance was created in 2012, following Suzy Dyson's (INK founder) return from a three month trip to Los Angeles. Spending her time travelling from Sheffield to Manchester to London to access dance training on a regular basis for a number of years; she knew it was time to visit the dance capital of the world, and take some time to invest in her craft and experience more.

Training in states opened her eyes to more than what she had originally arrived for. Besides incredible dance classes and training opportunities with inspiring teachers, she saw a dance community, a supportive dancer network, opportunities for dancers and a city filled with passion for the arts.

Returning home to Sheffield was her wake up call. It was time to tackle the task of building Sheffield’s dance community and creating something to fill the void that Sheffield always had for dance. And so, INK Dance was born.

INK Dance specialises in commercial and street dance styles, providing dance classes and dance training programmes that are 'current and relevant' for todays dance industry, and making them accessible to those in the Steel City. Our INK dance collective is made up of aspiring dancers and dance enthusiasts aged 13-28 years, who experience dance in a positive, supportive and inspiring environment with experienced and passionate choreographers.

On our INK journey, we’ve witnessed not only success within our growth rate of dancers and seeing the dance community rapidly grow within the city, but also, some epic transformations to the individuals who have joined INK. We’ve helped others through progressing their ability and skills in dance, building self-confidence, battling with them through personal struggles and supporting dancers to progress on to further dance education or dance on a professional level.

As a collective, the dancers have been able to spread their passion through performing at various local events, as well as music videos, national competitions and performing in front of crowds as big as 20,000.

Currently, INK has evolved into hosting weekly open classes and a variety of training programmes dedicated to different ages, levels and dance specialisms, as well as inviting guest choreographers to come to Sheffield from different cities to share with our dancers. INK has recently officially partnered with local education providers to deliver a Performing Arts Dance BTEC and are also proud supporters of the 'This girl can' campaign.

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